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MobiTrac USA
Lake Weed Mower & Harvester - Dredger - Excavating - Oil Cleaning


Small Compact Harvester Lake Weed Cutter that drives on land and water

The MOBI TRAC is an ALL IN ONE amphibious machine, Lake Weed Harvester, Dredger and Excavator specially designed for the maintenance and restoration of waterways, swamps, small harbors, ponds, embankments etc.

The multi-functional Mobitrac is designed to:

  • Access and maintain waterways, swamps, marshes, ponds & more.
  • Cut, collect & harvesting submersed aquatic plants like milfoil, Cattails, Bullrush & more.
  • Excavate dirt, root systems, lilypads, and mud inwater or on land.
  • Suction dredge silt and muck in even the most hard to reach areas.
  • Skim toxic algae and even oil spills.

Visit for more information. Download Mobitrac Brochure.

Visit for more information. You can also visit our  Youtube Channel Playlist for the MobiTrac by clicking HERE


Visit for more information. You can also visit our Youtube Channel Playlist for the MobiTrac by clicking HERE

Weeders Digest is a distributor / dealer for the Mobitrac in the U.S.A & Canada.

Weeders Digest Harvester Mobitrac

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 Mobitrac North American Dealer Aquatic Harvester dredger Mobitrac Amphibious Harvester Excavator Government

The Mobitrac is powered by a 29.1 horsepower Yanmar diesel engine.

Features joystick control for easy operation.

Includes a one-of-a-kind “easy attach” system for quick and efficient tool attachment and change out!

The Mobitrac offer a large selection of tools to get any job done the right way!

Learn more about theMobitrac Attachment Tools HERE Attachment Tools

Why buy the Truxor when you can get the Mobitrac for less? Call us to learn more!


Mobitrac Aquatic Harvester Cutter Excavator Dredger Machine Weeders Digest

Looking for other Lake Weed Harvesting Boats for sale in the United States? Weeders Digest is the leading lakeshore management product sales provider. Along with many other amazing products to kill, remove< and prevent aquatic plants and muck we offer the MobiTrac AND the Eco-Harvester

The Eco Harvester is not amphibious like the MobiTrac but we have sold dozens around the world with great results! Cut, Pull & Skim aquatic weeds & algae with this compact but efficient harvesting machine. Learn more





Eco Harvester - Cutting and removing lake weeds




– One-third the price of traditional harvesters


– No chemicals or dredging

Easy to operate

– One-person operation from start to finish


– Pulls, cuts, & skims weeds in shallow water


– Gathers floating debris and algae

Quality engineered

– Well built & lifetime warranty on hull

Effective lake management

– Uproots aquatic weeds including milfoil

Aluminum hull

– Lighter and rust resistant

Reduced draft

– Operate in as little as 12” of water

Increased capacity

– 30 % additional cubic yards!

Wider Hull

– Improves operational stability!

Hard pipe hydraulics

– Improves durability and design!

Dynamic flow intake

– 95 % effective weed pulling!

Standard components

– Universal repair & replacement parts

Learn more about the Eco-Harvester from Weeders Digest

Cutter Bar MobitracUSA  Mobitrac Cleaning Aquatic Plants weeds from pond

 Aquatic Amphibious Excavator Machine USA  

With the Mobitrac you can "Access the Inaccessible" because you can maintain and restore waterways inaccessible by other equipment!

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