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Used Mobitrac Truxor Aquatic Harvester For Sale
Shop New & Used Amphibious Lake Weed Harvesters


Wondering where you can buy high quality new and used Lake Weed Cutters such as the MobiTrack, Truxor & Eco Harvester? Check below to learn which units are available for purchase. Here are some great choices for medium sized Aquatic Weed Harvesting boats and amphibious machines that cut, collect, dredge and excavate plus operate on both water and land. 

The MobiTrac - Harvest, Collect, Dredge & Excavate - Buy new or used

Mobitrac Amphibious Aquatic Harvester Truxor Alternative

The Mobitrac is an amphibious cutter, harvester, excavator & dredger so it is capable of cutting aquatic vegetation on land, in transitional zones, or under water. The Mobitrac can easily access hard to reach areas such as wetlands that no other conventional weed cutter can access. It is small and compact but can get any job done effectively. Manuever up and down steep embankments, along rivers and retention ponds.
  • Manage lakes, marshland, waterways by cutting collecting submersed aquatic plants like milfoil, cattails, bullrush & more
  • Excavate dirt, root systems, lilypads, and mud.
  • It can be used to suction dredge silt and muck.
  • Skim toxic algae and even oil spills.
Depending on your needs the Mobitrac is here to service the waterways of North America using a wide array of quick‐connect attachment tools to cut and collect aquatic vegetation, excavate, dig, or dredge. The Mobitrac can even be used for suction dredging environmental hazards like toxic algae and oil spills
The Mobitrac tool carrier offers:
  • Double and single acting Busati cutter bars for shoreline, shallow water, and wetlands.
  • Collecitng rakes for cleaning and collecting weeds and debris
  • Skimmer for toxic algae and oil spills
  • Suction Dredging pump for removing sediment
  • Excavation unit with stabilizing feet and buckets to dig out roots, soil, and debris

We often times have the New Mobitrac dealer models in stock and ready for easy delivery to states such as Florida Texas New Youk Lousianna Wisconsin Minnesota California and Canada - and of course any othe location you need us to get one there. 

The Eco-Harvester - New & Used Aquatic Weed Harvester For Sale

The Eco Harvester is an environmentally friendly aquatic plant harvesting machine and the only harvester of its kind that pulls the weeds from their roots instead of cutting them like ALL other aquatic weed harvesters!  It is 95 % effective at uprooting milfoil, hydrilla, celery grass, water chestnut, and most other aquatic plants prevalent in ponds, lakes, rivers, channels, canals, and beachfront property.  Call us for pricing on new and used Eco Harvesters for sale. 877-224-4899

Used Truxor For Sale 

Want to buy the Ampbibious Truxor but cannot affort the full retail cost? We work with Lakeshore Service Providers & Aquatic Management Contractors who want to sell their used Truxors or other havesting machines. Give us a call to find out which used or discounted units currently for sale in your state! 877-224-4899 

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