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Aqua Vegetation Groomer
Cut Lake Weeds with the "AVG" Lake Weed Cutting Machine

Aquatic Vegetation Groomer

Get Rid of All Aqua Vegetation with this Groomer

This Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is a hand held (Optional float mount) is a powerful gas powered underwater weed cutter. What makes this cutter so unique is that the blades RECIPROCATE back and forth instead of spinning. It weighs just 19 pounds so it is lightweight enough to carry around your lake or pond shoreline to wherever you want to clean up. The 2 cycle strato-charged engine is able to handle even the toughest of weeds. It is even powerful enough to cut through thick cattails, light brush or any weeds that are submerged in the water.

Use it on floats or by hand when removing the weeds. Another huge benefit of using the AVG is that you can cut aquatic vegetation off at the roots because the blades can be pushed deep down into the sediment to cut and tear out the plants at their source.

The hand held cutter comes fully assembled and is easy to use plus provides a vent so that the motor is not going to overheat, even on warmer days when you're trying to cut the vegetation away from the water. Enjoy the water that you have and be able to see it when you cut down the vegetation around and in the water. When using it in water, it does not splash back up at you, even with high impact. No matter what you need the AVG for, you're able to get efficient, quick results when you use it on the many different things that you're able to do. Watch this video for demonstration and information.

Hand held AVG is approved for water or land use. Weighs just 19 pounds and powered by a 2 cycle strato-charged engine that offers a 2 year warranty. Powerful enough to cut thick cattails, light brush and any submerged weed that you can find. 

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