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The best collection of Lake Weed and Lakeshore Solutions. Get rid of lake weeds such as milfoil, curly leaf pondweed, lake muck and much more.
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The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG)


Get rid of lake muck - Lake muck debris blower remove

Beach Buddy Lake Rake on wheels

Beach Buddy rake on wheels for weeds and sticks

Long Reach Rake



Lake Groomer

Weed Roller alternative VS automated weed prevention rollers


Muck Digester Pellets 

Muck Removal Pellets all natural

Beach Groomer

Beach Groomer by weeders Digest

Big Tooth Rake

Lake beach weed rake big tooth long tines

Lawn Pump/Lake Pump

lawn irrigation pump package complete weeders digest



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♦ Muck Removal

♦ Lake Weed Removal

♦ Clean up your beach


♦ Clean up your water

♦ Find Boat Lift Products

♦ Find Docks and accessories 

The WEEDERS DIGEST was developed for the benefit of our friends and neighbors who cherish one of the greatest natural resources that we have or ever will be given and are seeking new and innovative ways to address problematic aquatic plant issues such as milfoil, hydrilla, curly leaf pond weed and sediment or lake muck removal. We are also researching new invasive issues such as snails and zebra mussels.
Our products offer much more than just lake rakes, under water weed cutters, and lake muck removal tools. We provide resources and education to arm the lakeshore owner with better techniques and alternatives to potentially harmful chemicals.

Our ever-evolving mission statement is:        To embrace relevant education and promote action among those that respect the fragilness of our water along with product development and promotion to our partners.   

Our valued partners include local and national:   

  • Homeowner and Lake Association Groups
  • Individual Lakeshore Owners
  • Committed Educators and Researchers
  • Consumer and Commercial Product Suppliers and Developers 
  • Management Companies that maintain dock, pier, marina, boat lift, boat slip and swimming beach areas

We encourage you to participate in the following ways:

  • View the many pages of research and information posted
  • Look at the innovative ideas on our Lake & Pond Weed Solutions page
  • Add your comments or recommend articles to our WeedBlog
  • Give us your feedback on your lake weeds



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