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The Weed Shear
Razor Sharp Lake Weed Cutting Tool

The WeedShear - The V Shaped Razor Edged Cutter ( BEST SELLER)

 WeedShear *GREAT CHOICE for CUTTING long or short lake weeds, excellent on lily pads and with some additional work - even cut cattails.  Store in a safe place - The WeedShear is Razor Sharp! 

Are you wondering how to get rid of invasive aquatic plants? Well, we've got the best solution to your problem. It's called the Weed Shear! Measuring 49 inches in width, this v-shaped razor blade cutter is incredibly easy to operate. With every toss of the Weed Shear, what you'll get in return is a path of cut weeds 4 ft. wide by 25 ft. long. This product comes with a 25 ft. leash, so you can easily stand on the shoreline, toss it out, give it a tug, and watch those weeds disappear with relative ease.

 WeedShear - Razor Sharp Lake Weed Cutter

The Weed Shear Cutter cuts aquatic weeds where it counts most, at their base. Whether it be lily pads, milfoil, cattails, or any other invasive aquatic plants or weeds, the Weed Shear is far and away your best bet at getting the job done right, and in a timely manner.

Simply give the Weed Shear a toss and let it sink to the bottom of your lake or pond. Then pull it back in and watch the magic happen right before your eyes. No more breaking your back with those other out-of-date products on the market. Simplicity is the aim of the Weed Shear. One toss, one cut, and the weeds float to the surface. Not a rake, but rather a cutter, the Weed Shear comes standard with a 9 ft. handle, with optional extension handles always readily available. 25 ft. rope, sharpener, extensions, and blade cutter all included with     

Razor Sharp Aquatic Lake Seaweed weed cutter tool

The Lake and Pond Weed Shear 

-The water weed cutting blade width is 49"

-The handle comes in 3 pieces totaling 9'.

- Include rope for throwing long distances

- Comes with a hand sharpener to keep the tool effective.   

$134.99  (Shipping costs range $10-$20 U.S. $25 Canada)       


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*Cuts long or short weeds, and with some additional work - even cut lilly pads and cut cattails.  Store in a safe place. Cutting blades are very sharp!


For Cattail Removal.  (if you cut the cattails just below the water surface they will not survive - this plant needs oxygen to survive. The WeedShear will cut through cattails but does require some hard work. The AVG and the Lake mower are the only tools that cut cattails with minimal effort).    

Lake Weed Seaweed Cutting Tool v shape razor sharp