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This page has been created to tell you about EXTRA items that we have found.
(We remain soley focused on aquatic solutions but when you find something thats this good, you gotta share it.....)
Do you have a Goose Problem???
So did Northern Kentucky University - but NO MORE!   
Ever since they added the new Away With Geese product, the infestation of geese and the mess they leave behind is no longer a problem!


Water-based Unit
1.  Disrupts geese sleep patterns causing them to move to another pond.
2.  The product floats in the water and works at night , 7 days a week
3.  Solar powered - no changing batteries or running electricty to the site
4.  Maintenance free
5.  Environmentally Safe and Effective Geese Control
6.  Barely noticeable to the human eye
7.  Solves Geese Problems quickly

Land-based Unit
1. Eliminates night and early AM congregating by disturbing the geese just enough to encourage them to move to another location
2. Includes a heavy duty stainless steel mounting hook that securely inserts into the ground -- no other mounting hardware is required
3. Ball bearing swivel and wind vane allows the unit to twist in the wind as a further deterrent  
4. Stainless steel lanyard and mounting hardware
5. Solar powered, Maintenance free, Environmentally safe

100 % Satisfaction Guarantee 


  Use the product as directed for 90 days.  If it does not solve your geese problem, simply return it for a full refund within 180 days of purchase.  

Here's the SCOOP on GEESE:







  • The Life Span of a Goose can extend to 24 years.













  • No Divorce. Mating is for life. If a goose loses its mate, a new mate is often found.













  • Nest size 3 to 6 eggs with as many as 12 possible.













  • Molting of adult birds occurs every summer, for up to a 6 week period, rendering all birds flightless













  • Nests can be very large, up to 4 feet across, built on land and usually close to water.













  • Geese are grazing animals, eating grasses and other succulent plant material.













  • An adult goose eats up to 4 lbs of grass daily.













  • An adult goose drops 2 lbs of fecal matter daily













  • Population growth ranges from 13 to 17% annually.













  • Geese typically return to the same nesting and birth sites every year.













  • works day and night without chemicals or unsightly barriers

    Contact us for more information at 763-551-1441













  • or email us at info@weedersdigest.com














  • Protect your yard, fruit trees, vegetables, flowers and water features from hungry or destructive animal intruders. This motion-activated sprinkler automatically detects geese, deer, racoons, heron, dogs and more as they approach, and repels them with a short but startling burst of water. The sudden noise, movement and spray scares animals away, teaching them to avoid the area in future





    Solar Dock Post Lights - 2 Pack





    Solar dock post lights are a great way to diferentiate you from your neighbors. Each light comes with 6 colored bulbs for easy color change-outs. Installation is a snap. Offer dusk to dawn illumination in peak sun season.

    What's Your Favorite COLOR ? Six color options included!

    That's right, your Solar Dock Lite is the only solar powered light in the world that has the ability to easily interchange different color LED's! Since we think it's so cool we decided to include all six LED colors for each light! We know not everyone's favorite color is the same so choose from White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, or Yellow! After all who wants the same color as their neighbor?

    Will it fit my dock post?

    We sent our engineers to the lab to come up with a sweet little design to fit your dock lighting needs. It has a patent pending "universal" fitting design which allows it to adapt to most common dock posts. The unique design allows your light the ability to mount to different post sizes as well as to flat surfaces! Simply use the included fittings to adapt it to your size post. Use the set screw or other mounting options and your ready to go! Yes its that easy! Fits post sizes: 1-5/8" OD, 1-7/8" OD, 2-3/8" OD, 3-1/4" ID, Brock Docks, 4x4 wood post, and flat surfaces. Also fits Newer 2.00" pipe with special adaptor. (please ask upon ordering) Pipe varies slightly everywhere you go so depending on your post/pipe it may be necessary to use a layer of duct tape around your post for a perfect fit, but its that simple! (Brock Dock Post mounting and Large galvanized 3-1/4" ID pipe mounting requires Amazing Goop glue. 


    We like to say that our light is the most universal solar light in the world! What other solar light gives you the ability to change colors and mount in so many ways? With all these options, applications are endless!

    Line your dock with conventional white and place a red and green one at the end of your dock to mark left and right. Also works great on auger posts and the tops of buoys for marking channel way entrances, pathways, and exits! Place one on that swimming raft you almost drive into every night! The possibilities are endless.


    You can interchange the LED so that it illuminates with one of SIX colors! We even included all six LED colors for each light! We know not everyone's favorite color is the same so choose from White, Blue, Green, Red, Orange, or Yellow! After all who wants the same color as their neighbor?


    Contact us at 763-551-1441 or info@WeedersDigest.com




    Solar Dock Light - Stud

    Solar Dock Stud Light  creates excellent marking and decorative lighting for your dock, lift, deck or patio area offering illumination. Use for asthetics or directional help.

    Enjoy dusk to dawn illumination without wires or cords using our low profile lights. The heavy duty plastic housing is weather-proof and non-obtrusive since it is just 3/4" high and 4" across. Easily glued or screwed into your location. Actual duration of illumination is dependant upon sunlight intensity and the time of the year. The unit comes with a 2 year warranty.

    *Please note that these are made of durable plastic - not aluminum as the picture appears.



    The Lake or Pond ICE RESURFACER is a portable, hand-operated tool that makes creating and maintaining a high-quality ice rink a snap. The patented resurfacer consists of an easy to handle galvanized steel pipe frame that serves as a conduit for water feed by a garden hose systematically distributing the water evenly onto the ice and smoothed on contact by the niceIce resurfacing mat.

    Thin, controlled applications of water produce a Super Smooth Surface to any rink in minutes.The ICE RESURFACER works on any surface. It can make a pond or lake ice like glass, in less time, less water and less hassle than just the hose. Thin controlled applications of water result in super smooth ice on any rink. This 52" Model is recommended for rinks up to 10,000 sq feet and includes one resurfacing mat. 


    There are thousands in use today.

    Contact us at 763-551-1441 or info@WeedersDigest.com


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    Here is a great video on what to do IF YOU FALL THROUGH THE ICE!  Excellent video information


    Contact us at 763-551-1441 or info@WeedersDigest.com

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