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Beach Buddy Rake - Lake Rake on Wheels for removing lake weeds
Remove Lake Weeds with ease


Buddy Lake Rake on wheels


The Beach Buddy Lake Rake On Wheels scrapes the bottom dragging weeds, algae, sticks and garbage to the shore to drip dry. No lifting. Extend the handle to 23ft and do the work from shore.  The cost of each additional extension is $20 and you can add a maximum of 6 additional ($120)

The Beach Buddy is a revolutionary tool that reduces the effort required to manage the weeds and debris on the bottom of your swim area or washed up on your beach.

Simply wheel the 40inch wide unit into the lake with the tines and sickle in the UP mode. Once the Beach Buddy is in the area you want to transform, twist the handle, dropping the sickle and rake tines to the bottom of the lake.

As you pull the Beach Buddy to the shoreline it scrapes the bottom dragging weeds, algae, sticks and garbage to the shore. Twist the handle, lifting the tines and leaving the debris on the beach! No back-braking lifting! No callouses from raking!

Purchase additional extensions and wheel up to 23ft into the water without getting wet!   


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