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Top Muck & Algae solutions
This years most popular tools for Lake or Pond Muck & Algae Removal/Prevention

The Aqua Thruster 

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The Aqua Thruster is the most effective way to manage your weed, muck and algae problems for many years to come!

Available in: ½ hp    -     ¾ hp,    -    1hp 

The Aqua Thruster's unique ability to be installed in 3 completely different configurations means that this machine can meet the needs of any application – including yours!

Mounting Choices:  dock mount   -   float mount   -   free-standing    -    Oscillator 

No matter which option you choose for mounting one thing is certain, you will be able to see an immediate positive impact on your waterfront.

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Get rid of algae, Chemicals, lake pond Algae removal, NuAlgae, Algaecide


 -Nualgi Reduces cost of culture Produces high quality nutritional       live food for fast and healthy growth and molting.

 -Reduces pond pollution. 

 -Reduces incidence of diseases.

 -Color and quality of cultured animal is extremely good.

 -Boosts dissolved oxygen since algae is produced and consumed   in the system.

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