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Aquatic Weed Mower
Cut and get rid of Lake Weeds

The Boat Mounted Aquatic Mower from Weeders Digest! The Lake Weed cutter & mower.

Our new aquatic mower has been designed to be the most effective and user friendly boat mounted cutter ever built. It has been designed to work effectively on all varieties of vegetation and mount on nearly every type of boat. Its perfect for homeowner groups, resorts, municipalities and contractors. There are other somewhat similar machines out there but none are built as well as this!


  • Made In USA
  • Mounts on nearly any type of boat
  • Easy to use
  • Cuts Through ANY type of aquatic vegetation
  • Superior quality and performance to other similar lake weed cutting machines
  • 1/4 HP Motor
  • Runs on 12V battery

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