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Lake Groomer Aquatic Weed & Bottom Sediment Removal
Roller keep your beach weed free

Weeders Digest is excited and proud to introduce our greatest addition to our list of innovative lake shore management tools!

The Lake Groomer is a NEW innovative aquatic weed & lake muck removal and prevention system that is GUARANTEED to remove weeds & sediment from your beach. It also works as a fool proof way to maintain a healthy, hard packed shoreline for your kids, family and friends to enjoy!

The lake Groomer quickly and easily connects to your dock or pier. It can also be used from your shoreline in unison with our tri-pod kit. The Lake Groomers rollers do all of the work for you so you dont have to spend your days managing your beach yourself. The 7ft roller tubes roll along the lake bottom which can maintain up to a  84' diameter area keeping it free of aquatic plants and sediment.

This tool is hands down the best option for people who want to enjoy their beach and let others do the same. Not to mention it will greatly improve your homes value!

Watch the video below to learn more!

For more information call us at 877-224-4899 or Visit us at www.LakeGroomer.net

Lake Groomer Lake Roller Weed Removal

The vertical motor easily attaches to any dock/pier post and powers three 7’ rolling tubes with have fins that churn up the lake bottom to remove rooted aquatic plants and unwanted lake muck.  After the initial cleaning the Lake Groomer serves as a great maintenance tool to prevent sediment and lake weeds from settling and growing.

For more information call us at 877-224-4899 or Visit us at www.LakeGroomer.net

Lake Groomer Weed Muck solution get rid crary weed roller alternative

Are you frustrated by the continual infestation of aquatic weeds growing in your swimming area? Or, maybe you’re embarrassed to have guests come over to swim over at your place, only to have them groused out by the nasty muck, silt and lose sediments squishing between their toes? Or, maybe you’re overwhelmed by the ongoing maintenance required to manage your swimming area?


Well, today I want to share a solution that can rid you of these issues forever. It’s called the Lake Groomer and it’s available from the Weeders Digest. Operating the Lake Groomer is the most effective way to manage the lake bottom; and it’s actually one of the most environmentally friendly methods as well. Especially when installed in the early part of the season, because it does not require the use of potentially dangerous herbicides that can possibly drift – because it operates in a very perfectly defined area. And, if you install it before the vegetation is up and growing, well then there is absolutely no fragmentation whatsoever.

Now, if you happen to purchase yours and have to install it in July – when there is heavy infestation – well there’s really no problem at all because there’s so much power in the Lake Groomer, it can power its way through even the thickest of vegetation, whether that’s milfoil or hydrilla or anything in between. However, it’s going to take you a little bit longer before you reach the results that you’re after; and you’re going to have to clean up those weeds once they are uprooted.

Now, let me take some time to tell you a little more about it. The Lake Groomer can mount to your dock, can mount to any post, or it can even attach to a free-standing tripod so you can move it around. The Lake Groomer is capable of pivoting, to any degree you choose. So, most common might be to put it out on the end and have it pivot 270 degrees. However, you may just choose to do 90 degrees or even put it right up along the shoreline – it’s completely up to you. The roller of the arm is made up of seven foot aluminum tubes and when you make the standard purchase, it comes with three on the basic package totaling twenty-one feet. However, with a simple one bolt connection, you’re able to add seven foot lengths to reach up to forty-two feet. Now, the cool thing about that is forty-two feet, when it’s sweeps across becomes eighty-four feet. Imagine that! Eighty-four feet sweeping across, that would be free of weeds and muck.

Each tube connector allows for flexibility. So as it rolls across the bottom, it can work with the different contours, or a steep drop off, an incline or even if there are some divids out there. That’s actually one of the cool benefits of the Lake Groomers – it’ll flatten out the bottom and take care of some of those areas that typically can be kind of low spots along your shoreline.

Now, the concept of the bottom disruption and continuous agitation for killing and pulling seaweeds on your beach has been around for literally decades – but it’s only recently that it’s been refined by the all new Lake Groomer. So this isn’t some kind of new idea we dreamed up; and as a matter of fact based on my own personal experience, I can tell you that it’s a dramatic improvement to any shoreline. And I’m willing to guarantee that once you operate it for a period of time, you well never ever have a weed growing in that area. I know that sounds like an exaggeration but I love the fact of knowing that where it operates, I can assure my family and my guests that they will absolutely not touch a growing weed inside of that perimeter. There might be weeds all around, in the lake, at my neighbors, wherever it might be – but inside of that perimeter, there will not be any weeds growing.

Now, a Lake Groomer works off a very simple principle – and that’s that continuous bottom agitation; and one way to envision that can be seen in any typical playground. You know how it is, at the end of the slide or underneath the swings or nearly any place where there is continuous trampled area underfoot? There’s nothing growing there and it’s typically quite firmly packed. Well the same is true of the area where you install your Lake Groomer. It’ll continually travel back and forth, creating your perfect swimming area.

Now for me, personally, I can assure you that when I purchased my Lake Groomer I could never have envisioned my shoreline, never would I have imagined it would be weed and muck free. Not in a million years! Well, that’s actually how long it probably took for all the weeds to decay, for the Oak trees that hang over the top my shoreline to drop enough leaves to decay to go to the bottom and create that muck. Even small sticks and branches and everything else that is filled in; and created all that muck, all those nutrients that allow the weeds to grow. So, literally – it’s a true statement: not in a million years could I have imagined that I would have a weed free and muck free swim area. But now I do and believe me you can too.


So, you know it doesn’t fit everybody. Maybe this is not the right solution for you. We’ve got a lot of options at the Weeders Digest. But if you’re interested in knowing a lot more about the Lake Groomer then I would encourage you to give us a call at 877 – 224 – 4899 or ofcourse, stop by our website, that’s www.WeedersDigest.com. Check out the Lake Groomer today and love to be able to tell you more about it. Tell you about the great three year warrantee on it or any other information that you need, to help you make an educated decision to turn your summer into a weed-free, muck-free zone. And the cool thing is, it requires no labor once it’s installed.

So, check it out. Give us a call: 877 – 224 – 4899  or visit www.LakeGroomer.net

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