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Long Reach Rake

The Best Selling Lake and Beach Rake!

The Lake Rake measures 36” wide, comes with a 20' rope and 11' long 2 piece handle so it is able to scrape up the debris at the bottom of the lake easily in one swift movement. It skims right along the surface of the water to remove the weeds and debris, or use it to scrape the bottom of the lake just as easily. It has a removable styrene float that is able to hold the rake on the surface to drag loose the debris onto the shoreline.

The aluminum material that it is made from allows it to be strong, yet lightweight in order to remove the debris from the water. The 4 inch teeth will be sure to remove the aquatic vegetation that you would find at the bottom of the water, or floating on the top of it. The powder coated aluminum handle is able to come apart into two 5.5 feet lengths to give you more or less length while skimming the water.

Use the included 20 foot rope to throw it out into the water and then pull it back in. It weighs just 8 pounds which allows you to effortlessly throw it where you need it. Add an extension to make the handle 16.5 feet long – the longest rake you'll be able to find anywhere. Add another extension to skim the top of the lake and make it 22 feet long.

It bows in at this length, but it is lightweight which allows you to reach out and grab the top of the water for any loose debris that are found there. Just throw the rake out, let it sink or use the floatation device to let it float and slowly pull it back in using the attached rope. It is easy to remove the debris and weeds from the bottom and top of the lake.

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