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WeedShear Lake Weed Cutter

Aqua Thruster - Lake Muck Blaster

Get rid of lake muck - Lake muck debris blower remove  

Lake Groomer

Weed Roller alternative VS automated weed prevention rollers

Long Reach Rake

Beach Buddy Lake Rake on wheels

Muck Digester Pellets

Muck Removal Pellets all natural

The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer(AVG)


Beach Groomer

Beach Groomer by weeders Digest



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The WeedShearThe V Shaped Razor Edged Cutter (BEST SELLER)

 WeedShear *GREAT CHOICE for CUTTING long or short weeds, excellent on lily pads and with some additional work - even cut cattails.  Store in a safe place - The WeedShear is Razor Sharp! 

  Watch Video to see the WeedShear in action

 WeedShear - Razor Sharp Lake Weed Cutter

      Cuts a 49" path.    Includes 25' leash and hand sharpener.

HOW good is The WeedShear? We Guarantee it!
If it doesnt work better than any other aquatic hand tool on the market, OR if you are disatisfied with it in anyway, we will give you your money back.The handle arrives in 3 pieces with a total length of 9'. It comes with a hand sharpener to keep the tool effective.  

Place your secure order - click here to BUY NOW   

Want more Weedshear info? Click here to Learn More

For Cattail Removal.  (if you cut the cattails just below the water surface they will not survive - this plant needs oxygen to survive. The WeedShear will cut through cattails but does require some hard work. The AVG and the Lake mower are the only tools that cut cattails with minimal effort).  

Lake Boat Dock Kits Delivery  

The Ultimate Lake Weed and Muck Control tool  - Guaranteed to get rid of weeds and muck and keep them away!

Benefits of the Lake Groomer:

Operating the lake groomer is the most effective way to manage your lake bottom and keep weeds away and is environmentally friendly and the most popular high end tool for serious lake home or cabin owners. It works fantastic for any condition your lake may be in and when it is installed and used early in the season it will prevent any weeds that normally grow from taking root. It does not require the use of potentially dangerous herbicides and it operates in any area of your beach you choose. It works great to remove any rooted lake weeds that already exist but if you install it before the vegetation is up and growing it will prevent aquatic weeds from even starting to grow! Plus there will be absolutely no fragmentation or what so ever. 

  1. Effortlessly uproots weeds
  2. Prevents future growth
  3. Turns soft mucky bottom into a firm beach
  4. Helps reduces Zebra Mussels
  5. Adjusts from 30 to 280 degrees
  6. Standard 42' diameter with options up to 84'
  7. Comes with a 3 year warranty
  8. Improves home value
  9. Made in the USA


The Aqua Thruster -  Lake Muck & Floating Debri Blower. Best Selling Muck Solution.  Exclusively from Weeders Digest.

 The AquaThruster is our best selling Lake Muck & Sludge solution. We have many different options to choose from and have something for every type of situation. Move muck up to 70 feet away from your beach and prevent it from ever coming back. We have a lot more information at www.AquaThruster.com

Aquatic Mower - Boat Mounted Lake Weed Cutter

Our new aquatic mower has been designed to be the most effective and user friendly boat mounted cutter ever built. It has been designed to work effectively on all varieties of vegetation and mount on nearly every type of boat. Its perfect for homeowner groups, resorts, municipalities and contractors. There are other somewhat similar machines out there but none built as well as this!


-Made In USA
-Mounts on nearly any type of boat
-Easy to use
-Cuts Through ANY type of aquatic vegetation
-Superior quality and performance to other similar lake weed cutting machines
-1/4 HP Motor
-Runs on 12V battery

The ALL NATURAL Sludge & Muck Digester Pellets - Reduce your Muck Level
muck silt sludge aquacide pellets table

All Natural Premium Industrial Grade Muck Silt Sludge Removal Digester Pellets





SHORE RESTORE PREMIUM GRADE ALL NATURAL Sludge and Muck Digester Pellets work on the bottom of your lake or pond, so you won't have to.


All new value-added bacteria pellets, were designed for lagoons, lakes and ponds as a low-maintenance solution for sludge bed and suspended solids removal, water clarity and beach clean-up.


877-224-4899   /   763-551-1441


The Beach Buddy Lake Rake - hard work made easy!               

Scrapes lake bottoms of decomposed weeds as it rips and tears at growing lake weeds with the sickle bar.  Removes muck, weeds and debris.


 Tired of the back braking work getting the lake weeds cleaned up?    Looking for a solution to your shoreline weeds?    LOOK NO FURTHER! You will really like this! Thousands of satisfied customers agree!   Add extensions up to 24' and stay dry.

NOTE: some things do not appear as they really are!    When customers see this in person - they are impressed with how well it is built and immediately see it's value. Most common response is "the website photos didn't do the BeachBuddy justice"!

The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer (AVG)

The Aquatic Vegetation Groomer is also known as AVG for short. It is gas powered and hand held. It is made to weed wack under water. It is very similar to what you would use to weed wack your normal yard above the water – but works while under water. The reason that it is able to be used underneath the water is because of the design with the sealed gear box. This keeps the machinery and electronics sealed up tight while under water. This is ideal for cutting aquatic plants in water that is up to 4 feet high.   LEARN MORE 

Click Here For More Details


Purchase The AVG System:  LEARN MORE   BUY NOW    Hand Held w/o Floats: BUY NOW




877-224-4899   /   763-551-1441

The BeachGroomer - Removes lake bottom muck and keeps weeds from growing!

beach groomer machine for lake weed and muck control removal prevention

The BeachGroomer System is a revolutionary lake weed control device that clears weeds in a 16 foot diameter area. Even better - the lightweight BeachGroomer is portable.    The entire unit is easily wheeled while in the lake so you can groom the entire swimming area.  So portable you can easily share it with a neighbor!
The BeachGroomer works on water pressure. It attaches to the powerful 1 horsepower lawn pump to propel two seven foot arms engineered with chains that churn and turn to remove silt and keep weeds from growing.

CLICK here to find out more on the BeachGroomer

Keep the ice away from your dock, shore or lift all year long!  Now days a dock or boat lift can be a major investment. Don't risk serious damage - install a de-icer on a timer or thermostat and keep it in all year long.

If you are in the northern climates dont delay - call now and we will ship same day via FedEx or UPS.  


We offer the best prices available on major brands of de-icers. Call or email for pricing based on your specific needs. To Purchase: CHECK OUT

   877-224-4899   /   763-551-1441

Aqua Thruster - (our biggest seller this season)

Overwhelmed by muck, algae and scum?

Good News! The Weeders Digest has done it again with its revolutionary redesigned modular AquaThruster! The AquaThruster is manufactured as a ½ hp, ¾ hp or the powerful 4 bladed 1 hp model. Its unique ability to be installed in 3 completely different configurations means that this machine can meet the needs of any application – including yours!


Whether you choose a dock mount, float mount or our unique free-standing configuration, one thing is certain, you will be able to see an immediate positive impact on your waterfront. Think about that – ”IMMEDIATE”!

The 1 hp AquaThruster is capable of moving more water than you can possibly imagine yet the ½ hp may be adequate for your situation.

The Aqua Thruster is the most effective way to manage your weed, muck and algae problems for many years to come.

The AquaThruster is available with the standard 50' cord or can be upgraded to a 100' or even a 150' cord.


 Whats really uniqute about the Thruster is that you can also switch back and forth from the dock mount to the float mout to the free standing mount. You pick the one that fits you best and then each one can be


The Aqua Blaster 

Blasts Muck and keeps floating debris away from your shore! 

AquaSweep get rid of lake muck              

Multi-directional Underwater Thruster pushes floating weeds, debris, scum and green stuff away from your dock!      Reduces build-up on your boat hull!   Keep your swim area free of weeds that float in.

2 Models to choose from:  Floating or Dock Mount

Customers are always much more impressed when they see these in person. These photos do not show the fact that these are quite sizeable and extremely well built.  A powerful motorized action pushes debris  50 feet or more, and can be easily adjusted to sweep in any direction - east, west, north or south. Angle it upward to aerator surface water. Move it up or down 5 feet on the adjustable mounting pole.  Pushes nearly 400 gallons of water per minute!

Stagnant water is a major contributor to poor water and beach conditions.   Flowing water makes a dramatic improvement to your shoreline.        Also excellent for stopping mosquito breeding areas in stagnant waters.  Used as a de-ice device for permanent docks and lifts. 


This unit offers an Oil-free, environmentally-friendly motor, rugged high-density polyurethane and stainless steel construction, and a 5-year unconditional warranty on the motor!  (Did you watch the video?)

ADDITIONAL USE: This is incredibly effective at literally blasting silt, muck and debris from the bottom. Lakeshore owners have renovated their swimming areas in a very short time. BUT, many state DNR's do not allow it to be used in this manner without a permit (Minnesota included) check your state regulations. We are not aware of any state regulations anywhere when used to impact surface debris.   Place an order- click here to BUY NOW 

The Lake Roto-Tiller  -  Beach Renovation

It works like an underwater roto-tiller
-short weeds float to surface
-longer weeds collect on housing
-easily rolls to shore

APPLICATION: Weed and root removal. Able to cover a larger area because you can pull behind a boat or PWC.

Thousands in use today.   

The 4 ft Tiller has been available for many years now.  But its now available in 3 sizes  4 ft wide  or  6 ft wide  or  8 ft wide

CLICK-HERE for more information on the Lake Roto-Tiller    


CLICKHERE to see a video on the Lake Roto Tiller

Remember that weeds can re-plant themselves when cut if not removed from the lake


To Purchase: BUY NOW or Info@WeedersDigest.com 

FACT or FICTION?   Is it true that every shoreline can become nice swimming beach?    Well....in most cases and based on our personal experience, YES!         Weedy and mucky shorelines require work. Lots of work! BUT, the results and the satisfaction are worth it. It effects your enjoyment and your property resale value.

36"  Long Reach Lake Rake

Long Reach Lake Rake - Beach Rake - Big Beach Rake

The 36" WIDE LAKE RAKE with TOSSING ROPE and FLOAT includes an 11 FEET LONG  2pc handle and skims across the surface to remove weeds.

Click Here to watch a Video on the Lake Rake

 APPLICATION: Rake the bottom to remove weeds, debris or muck. Use the float to ge those floaters that the boat cuts up. The removable styrene float holds rake on surface to drag loose debris to shore. Strong, yet lightweight aluminum head has 4" with teeth measuring 2.25". The 11 FEET LONG powder coated aluminum handle comes in 2 separate 5.5 ft lengths. Includes 20 ft nylon rope for retrieval. Weighs 8 lbs. You can add a 66" extension which makes it 16.5 FEET LONG!

Want even longer? add a 2nd extension and make it 22 FEET LONG but be prepared for a major bow in the handle (however, if you are using it with the float to skim a surface, this is not a problem. This is not recommended but sometimes it is your only option)

Order Here - click here to  BUY NOW            LEARN MORE



This unique rake has 24  7 inch LONG TEETH and are flexible plastic. The flexible teeth allow you to scour the bottom like no other rake.  The 32" wide head has a hollow tube with end caps allowing you to fill it with pebbles for added weight to hug the bottom.  Includes a 5 1/2 foot handle and two 50 foot ropes which allow you to use it as a "drag" so 2 people can drag it back and forth.            

Purchase a float for surface work.

To Purchase: Call 763-551-1441 or click here BUY NOW    Learn More

BIG Tooth. Long Reach.


Aquatic Weed Eliminator (AWE)

The 28" Wide Serrated Hand Weed Cutter with 11' 2pc handle  removes weeds from lake bottoms.  APPLICATION: Buy this if you want to cut weeds within an area up to a 16.5' reach or are concerned about the sharpness of the V Cutter. Works very well on weeds that you can reach. A good tool for cutting lilly pads at the base. This is sharp (use caution!) The serrated steel blade easily cuts weeds and has a reversible, double sided cutting surface. Plucks and rips weeds.  Blade measures 28"L x 2.5"W.   66" extension up to 16.5 Feet Long. Remember that many weeds can re-plant themselves when cut and not removed from the lake.

ALL orders will ship the same or next day!


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We have floating fountains for lakes and ponds.

Floating fountains are not only beautiful but are also effective to keep the green away and provide aeration to the water. There are many options and styles. Easy set up in only a few minutes - just add water. These water fountains are totally portable. Lights available too. Contact us for more style, design and pricing information via email or 763-551-1441 Excellent 5 year warranty.


GIFT IDEAS for the pond or lakeshore owner

Lake Bottom Blanket  -  Stops weeds from growing. Kill 'em without chemicals!


The Lake bottom blanket is a 100% organic, easy to use, and extremely effective lake weed control solution for lake property owners, pond owners, and anyone who has lake weeds plaguing their water source. It is 100% effective on subsurface weeds and the organic material doesn’t harm the fish,  animals, or other aquatic life living in your lake or pond. You can install the Lake Bottom Blanket anytime in the growing season, and move it or remove it after 4 weeks, then store it until the next weed season. The Lake Bottom Blanket was the very first lake weed removal product of its kind; it is patented and used in over 400 lakes in over 29 states. Our lake weed control techniques  have been used in countries as close as Canada and as far away as Bahrain. The Lake Bottom Blanket has been approved for use by the DNR’s and DEP’s of California, Nevada, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington and many other states as an excepted aquatic weed control product.


-It is 100% organic, and will not harm fish, animals, or aquatic life

-Installed in over 400 lakes and 29 States since 2005

-100% Non-chemical solution

-Very easy to install, DIY

-Designed to kill weeds… not fish!

-US Patented Technology (#7083358)

-The Lake Bottom Blanket is Re-usable; Quality materials that last: giving you years of professional grade control for the weeds in your lake front!

-Control aquatic weed growth in irrigation ditches too


It is recommended that the 3/8" rebar be purchased at the local building supply store. Lake Bottom Blanket does not provide rebar. See Installation Section on our main site for more info.  


To Purchase email Info@WeedersDigest.com



CLICK HERE for details on our irrigation pump package



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     Lawn Irrigation Pump

  • Complete Lawn Irrigation Pump or Lakeshore Utility Centrifugal Pump.   Our lake pump is powered by the powerful 1 h.p.  Lawn Pump (other sizes available). This rugged commercial-grade cast iron pump delivers up to 72 gallons per minute. Recognized as one of the leaders in the industry, our pumps have earned a reputation of reliability and quality.  Also included in the pump package is the Big Lake Fil

  • Lake filters and screens tend to become clogged if not cleaned routinely. This results in loss of pump pressure. The Big Foot's unique design allows your pump to operate efficiently while requiring little or no cleaning.  Made of heavy duty PVC plastic and stainless steel, the Big foot will give you many years of service. Also included is a durable stand to keep the Big Foot elevated from the lake bottom.  You can use your pump to water the lawn or power wash your boat and dock or power your the BeachGroomer.   This pump can be sold as a stand alone unit wired for 110 or 220 or we can complete the system from the filter and stand to the 33' intake hose, output valves and additional options.  Click here for DETAILED info about this pump package

    To Purchase call 763-551-1441

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Looking for Chemicals? -  At the Weeders Digest, we are not opposed to chemicals, however, we do believe chemicals do pose possible risk to the health and welfare of the environment, wildlife, fish and humans when not used properly.

We receive calls nearly everyday with frustrated shoreline owners who have had poor results using herbicides. Poor results are almost always due to misidentifying the weeds, applying the wrong product, incorrect dosage or applying at the wrong time. Proper pre-application research and following the label is very important!

And nearly every application merely treats the visible symptoms only. Consider the one time cost of purchasing the tools found here vs the continual application (and continued expense) of chemical treatments that are only somewhat effective.

If you would like to hire someone to harvest weeds or professioanlly apply chemicals  - we are associated with many professional companies that we are more than happy to recommend. 




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