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Truck Claws Commercial Truck Tire Traction
Best Emergency Tire Traction Aid for Commercial Trucks and Large Vehicles
The truck claw will help you overcome any slick on-road or off-road surface. To start using our truck claws to get ensure you never get stuck and have to pay expensive tow truck fees or lose valuable time give us a call or buy online now.


  • Package includes 2 Truck Claw cleats

  • Works on all light & heavy duty commercial trucks

  • Works on Snow, Mud, Ice & Sand

  • Strong and Reusable

  • Made Out of Steel.


    Truck Claws l are designed for medium to large commercial semi trucks and vehicles. 
    Truck Claws ll are designed for use on pick-up trucks and SUV's.
    Truck Claws Snow Tire Chain Traction CleatThey install in about 60 seconds per cleat. Made from solid steel construction Truck Claws are durable and will last for many years. They will also pay for themselves after just one use as you will save hundreds on tow truck fees.
    These innovative emergency traction devices belong in every commercial truck that runs the risk of getting stuck in bad winter weather or muddy conditions.
    Looking to buy Snow Chains? You have to check out Truck Claws from Weeders Digest before you do. We are confident you will see that they have many benefits that snow tire chains do not!
    Unlike tire chains, Truck Claws are Easy to install even while your vehicle is stuck. Plus they install over full tire chains when stuck in extreme conditions

    Truck Claws Snow Tire Chain Traction for Commercial TruckTRUCK CLAWS II are brand new as of 2015. They are for use on any large or small pickup truck or SUV . They are similar to the original TruckClaws but they offer an Extender Bar for added traction if needed!  Learn more about TruckClawsII HERE or Visit TruckClaws.net to learn more about both models.

    Call us with questions or to buy the Best Tire Traction for your commercial vehicle today!  877-224-4899



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