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Lift Mate Boat Lift Motor
Universal Boat and PWC lift motor

The Lift Mate from Weeders Digest can be a great alternative to use compared to a direct drive boat lift. It is a universal motor that is able to attach to just about any boat lift that has a two inch wheel. It has a unique, compact design that has enough power to lift up to 5,000 pounds. This can be a great alternative to having to manually crank and lift their boat up. It is also just as easy to install and operate. It has been a favorite product for many years and continues to go strong. Made buy Shoremaster in the USA. Once you receive your Lift Mate and for some reason not like it, send it back as comes with a money back guarantee. 

There are many benefits that you're able to get from this type of boat lift motor, such as not having to strain every time you need your boat lift because you're using a crank, is able to fit onto any size lift with a 5,000 pound capacity, fits on any two inch wheel, is able to work on friction and is easy to install onto your boat. You're able to enjoy many benefits when you choose to go with a motorized boat lift motor.

-No wear-and-tear on your shoulder/back.
-Fits any size lift. 5,000lb capacity.
-Fits any 2 inch  wheel.
-Works on friction
-Easy installation.
Money back guarantee!
The Shoremaster Boat Lift Motor is your first choice in boat lifts. Looking for an easy-to-use, heavy capacity, versatile boat lift? Look no further. The Shoremaster Boat Lift is easy to install, fits any size lift, has a 5,000lb. capacity, and fits any size wheel. This product works on friction, which makes the process simple. Always in stock, with shipping time between 1-4 days. The benefits of this item will far outweigh the cost. Satisfaction is guaranteed. To order, call 877.224.4899 or visit our product ordering page for the LIFT MATE HERE