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AirStream Aeration
Restore your lakefront back to a healthy & chemical-free swim area!

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The AirStream from Weeders Digest will give you a clean and healthy lakefront. This unique machine provides super high volume aeration and circulation in a large area around the machine. This will immediately begin to attack the thick layer of organic muck & sediment at the bottom of your beach which what causes excess seaweed growth and poor water quality.

Think of that soft mushy sludge as if it were a compost pile. That’s exactly what this mucky material on your lake bottom is like, and it will continuously feed unwanted aquatic weeds and algae growth.

Treating the problem with dangerous chemicals or cutting and removing weeds does not solve the long-term problem.

Here is why providing proper aeration and circulation is the answer.

  • Aggressive circulation and aeration of your lake bottom will generate the growth of beneficial, oxygen-loving bacteria that become organic compost eating maniacs. And the AirStream aerator/circulator can deliver reductions of 4–8 inches in as little as 6 weeks.
  • Many types of weeds that grow in your lake hate moving water. Circulating and aerating around your lakefront effectively disrupts and stops weed growth.
  • Aeration and circulation effectively breaks up surface-algae mats and clears blue-green algae (the kind that turns the water pea-soup green) on your lakefront.

For an in depth look and to watch video of the AirStream vistit ShoreRestore.net


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