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The Weeders Digest - Articles > Bioverse Releases Healthy Lakes & Ponds Case Study.

Healthy Ponds® All-Season Pond Care™ is the easy, sure way to a beautiful and healthy lake or pond. The program consists of three simple steps to establish and maintain a balanced ecosystem in the pond year round. This approach safely and naturally treats the root causes rather than the symptoms of water quality problems. The program also contains a formula for mosquito control that kills mosquito larvae before they become adults. Healthy Ponds® by Bioverse® uses a proprietary blend of naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and enzymes to ensure clear water that enhances the beauty of your water feature. The process is simple: test, balance, treat, repeat.
Water quality will improve, although like all natural processes it won’t happen overnight. It may take 4 to 6 weeks for the pond or lake to achieve a balance, but knowing that you are using a natural approach that will not harm the environment makes it worth the wait. The length of time will depend on prior treatment, current conditions, the amount of Healthy Ponds® Pond Cleaner being added, and many other water quality factors. Once the system becomes balanced, results are more easily sustained.
Healthy Ponds® effectively cleans water features from birdbaths and fountains to ponds and small lakes, and everything in between. It keeps your pond looking great as you move from season to season. And, it will not harm humans, pets, fish or aquatic plants.

View a Minnesota lake case study released in March 2005 pdf

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