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Discover Wisconsins Lake Monitoring Program

About Wisconsin's Self-Help Citizen Lake Monitoring

Self-Help Lake Monitoring, the core of the Wisconsin Lakes Partnership, creates a bond between over 1000 citizen volunteers statewide and the Wisconsin DNR. Our goals are to collect high quality data, to educate and empower volunteers, and to share this data and knowledge.

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Volunteers measure water clarity, using the Secchi Disk method, as an indicator of water quality. This information is then used to determine the lake's trophic state. Volunteers may also collect chemistry, temperature, and dissolved oxygen data, as well as identify and map plants, watch for the first appearance of Eurasian Water Milfoil near boat landings, or or alert officials about zebra mussel invasions on Wisconsin lakes.

The DNR provides all equipment to the volunteer. Training of the volunteers is provided by either DNR or University of Wisconsin - Extension staff. Volunteers provide their time, expertise, energy and a willingness to share information with their lake association or other lake residents. The information gathered by the volunteers is used by DNR lake biologists, fisheries experts and water regulation and zoning staff, as well as by UW Extension, lake association and other interested individuals.

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