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Why Write a Lake Management Plan


Water… Lakes… Fishing… Swimming… Canoeing… Cabins…. These words bring to mind the fundamental Minnesota experience. We take the abundance and diversity of our lakes, rivers and wetlands for granted- and with good reason: Minnesota has more than 15,000 lakes that are 10 acres or larger. More than 5,000, covering more than three million acres, are actively managed for their fisheries. Many others are uesed for boating, water skiing, hunting and swimming, and just plain appreciated for their beauty.

We are blessed with these lakes but these LAKES CANNOT MANAGE THEMSELVES!


In order to maintain these beneficial uses, lakes need help. With the ever increasing use and growing populations residing near and along waterways, lakes can suffer from small and large cumulative impacts and cannot manage themselves. We affect our lake by our actions with in the lake, along its shore lands and well up into the lakes watershed or drainage basin. Even distant acres can be connected to the lake by the downstream flow of water which, in turn, carry pollutants, sediments and nutrients overtime.  We wall are a part of the problem, but we all can d do something no matter how apparently insignificantly such as raking and removing the weeds, leaves and debris from the lake bottom near our shoreline, removing grass clippings from our driveway and reducing the amount of salt we use on our driveways and surrounding streetways.


Ultimately, our lakes require systematically and purposeful management with long term management that overtime will improve the lake balance.  


We encourage you to get as much advice as possible and choose reputable partners.


Click here to learn about: Writing your own lake management plan

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