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No Algae! No Chemicals! No Labor! No Kiddin!

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) May 21, 2007 -- Breakthrough ultrasonic technology has been introduced to control algae in ponds without expensive chemical treatments or time consuming manual labor. This amazing device has no negative impact on fish, plants, or other aquatic life and it replaces the need for chemical algaecides typically used in pools, reservoirs, fish and farm ponds, lakes, lagoons, water tanks and other water management applications. Golf course superintendents, pond management professionals and commercial retention pond managers are excited that it is now possible to control unsightly algae without the use of chemical methods that may be harmful to the environment.

This new technology uses a precise frequency of ultrasonic waves to disrupt and destroy the algae cell structure.

Using just 20-45 watts of power, SonicSolutions floats just below the surface, fighting pool and pond algae, water treatment algae, farm pond algae, fish pond algae, and even algae in irrigation ponds and pools. The device works 24 hours a day, is environmentally safe, and requires little maintenance, with no need to measure and apply toxic chemicals.

The Sonic Solutions algae control device emits ultrasonic waves that "fan out" at approximately 120° - 150° from the front of the transducer (see figure 1). The SS 500 has a range of up to 300 ft. covering a total area of up to 3 acres, while the SS 400 has a range of up to 150 ft. and covers a total area of up to 1.5 acres. Range and coverage area are dependent on the local conditions, including the distance to the site from the equator and nutrient loading. Units can be used in combination to provide complete coverage of large installations.

For those that may be sceptical of such forward technology, Kirk Whatley, National Sales Manager, stated that "The ultrasonic algae control device can be rented for a minimum of 3 months. At the end of the rental period, the results will be obvious and at that point, the pond manager can decide whether or not it met their expectation. If it has, a purchase can be made and 100% of the rental fee is applied directly to the purchase." Whatley indicated that 85% of all rentals turn into a direct purchase.

In a recent interview, Bruce Wahlstrom, founder of The Weeders Digest - The Lake and Pond Help Desk, indicated that "this breakthrough technology has the ability to transform water management in controlled waters possibly more than any other innovation in the history of pond care."

Made in the USA but distributed internationally. This u;tra sonic algae control device is the only one of its kind that has been UL approved and also given a stamp of approval for use in drinking water.

There are currently nearly 600 successful installations in locations from waste water treatment plants to a 27-acre lake in the state of Washington.

Similar products have attempted to enter the US marketplace however, they have not been able to duplicate the effectiveness or efficiency of the low electric voltage in the water which is an important safety and cost factor that must be considered.

An educational website about algae is available at http://www.AlgaeBusters.com This site algae A to Z including chemical and aeration strategys.

To rent or purchase ultrasonic control device, contact The Weeders Digest at 763-551-1441 or visit them on line at http://www.WeedersDigest.com

There are several sizes of Sonic Solutions algae control units available based on the surface area of the pond. Larger lakes and ponds require multiple units for effective coverage.

A quick mathematical exercise to determine the material and labor costs associated with traditional methods of water management clearly demonstrates the return on investment of this new method.

As a national distributor of the Sonic Solutions device, The Weeders Digest ( http://www.WeedersDigest.com ) offers a 3 month "Try Before You Buy" program which allows a potential buyer to see the results for themselves before purchasing.


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