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Aquatic Nuisance Control
Lake PictureInland Lakes Management
Although aquatic plants are a natural component of every aquatic ecosystem, excessive plant growth can sometimes be a nuisance for riparian property owners and other lake users.


• Aquatic Plant Management Information

• Permitting Information for the Chemical Treatment of Aquatic Nuisance Plants and/or Algae

• Swimmer's Itch Information

Laws and Rules

• Part 33, Aquatic Nuisance Control of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act, 1994 PA 451, as amended

• Aquatic Nuisance Control Administrative Rules

Online Services

• Aquatic Nuisance Control Permit Application Status

application permit information

• Permit Application Forms

• Permit Amendment Request Form

• General Permits and Pre-Approved Lists of Candidates

• Posting Sign

• Treatment Report Forms

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