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The "Blaster" FAQ
Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Aqua Blaster.

Which is more popular - the dock mount or the floating unit? The dock mount is more popular because it is can be easily adjusted up or down. The float unit is always going to operate at the same distance below the water. The angle of the flow can also be adjusted from horizontal to upward on the dock mount. 

What has been the customer's response? We have never had a product that has created such a positive response from our customers. Refferals have been very strong. On one small lake, a unit was purchased on Sunday and by Thursday of that same week, there were a total of 7 more sold - without a even hearing our sales pitch! Just seeing the neighbors results was enough. Another small lake has seen a similar situation with 6 neighbors owning them.

Will this impact my muck and or silt? This has incredible impact on removing or displacing muck and silt, however, if that is your intended use, it may not line up with your state or local regulations. Be certain to check with your local authorities. Also be considerate of your neighbors - it is not at all impossible to blast away very deep muck and you would not be very popular if you were blowing it in your neighbors direction!  Even using it to keep stagnant water moving will have an impact on the development of more silt and muck.  

How do I mount it to a dock? Can I reposition it? The unit comes with a heavy duty mounting plate that can be bolted to the top and side of the dock however, most owners like to move it around so they make it portable. Some use clamps to hold in place. Others mount it to a board that they can move it around and place a weight on the other end of the board. Still others have actually carried it around in the water (although at 50 pounds and a lot of thrust - its a bit heavy). There's even a few customers that have told me about mounting it on an innertube or building a tripod.

What are the power requirements?

The power cord is very heavy duty gauge. The float unit has a 70 ft cord and the dock mount has a 25 ft cord. Custom orders can be made to add cord to any length at more per foot $3 over the regular price. 

It draws 10 amps and if run with extension cords be certain that they are of a heavy gauge.

It would be recommended that you have an outlet with a GFI protector. 

Can I get a longer cord? Yes. We do make custom electrical cord lengths and charge $3 per foot over the standard length (25ft on the dock mount and 70ft on the floating model). A specific lenght can be custom made and requires a one or two day delay. These are high quality, very heavy duty cords.

Will the unit get clogged up with weeds? Because it is below the surface, most of the floaters will pass on by. However, if you do find that a lot of weeds get wrapped around cage, you will not damage the motor but it will reduce the throughput and make it less effective. You could operate with the cage off and just let the weeds shoot on through. The only risk that you are taking is that if a solid object like a stick could also go in and damage the prop (a $17 item).

Do I need to run this 24/7? Some owners do. I typically turn mine on for about 10 minutes each morning to control the stuff that either floated in overnight or to remove the scum that settles in when it is calm out. I also use it when I am raking my shoreline or cutting the weeds. 

Is the motor very loud? No. It is virtually undetectable other than possible vibration on your dock or if you choose to have it angled upwards which will create a powerful frothy aeration effect.

Will it take up much dock space or be an eyesore? No. The only visual signs that it is even on your dock is a flat mounting plate and the height adjustment pole. Both are of a high polished stainless finish and do not look at all unsightly or highly noticed. The power head is under the water and undetectable. The amount of swirling and boiling is dependent upon the height at which you choose to operate it.

What about the warranty?

When was the last time you found a product with a "Five (Yes 5)`Year UNCONDITIONAL warranty? This product does. We've sold hundreds and other than a couple of small hardware issues (stripped bolts) but there have been ZERO concerns with the motor.   There have been several requests for replacement props because theirs broke. This is a $17 replacement item and will only break when the unit is put down where there are small rocks or sticks that could get through the protective cage.

Is there a guarantee? There is no guarantee that this will work for you. However, if you call us, tell us about your shoreline and your shoreline objectives while answering a few specific questions from us, we are quite certain that we can tell you whether or not this is or is not the right product for you. That is about as close to a guarantee that you can get. We have never had one of these returned. When we offered a Rent To Own option, everyone that ever rented it, came back and bought one. Everyone.

Where can I see it in action? We offer an in-water demo site in Plymouth Minnesota where you can actually see how it operates so please stop by for a demonstration. However, because our audience is throughout the US and Canada this only helps a few of you.

Got any testimonials? BELOW ARE UNSOLICITED TESTIMONIALS THAT WE HAVE RECEIVED: --------------------------------------------------- Dick writes: The instructions you gave me worked great and I got a ton of debris moved out this past weekend! ---------------------------------------------------- Warner or Illinois writes: What a weekend. I got the blaster and the serrated rake thursday and spent 12 hours on friday cleaning up my beach. The blaster was a tremendous help. My neighbor (who is selling his place next month because of all the shore/weed work) was really impressed. He always wondered if someone made something like this. He said I did more work in 12 hours than he's been able to do a entire summer. Now I have it at the end of my dock pointing toward the beach and on a timer to run in the morning and after 7:30 p.m. when the "no wake" time is. Just to keep the water moving. My wife is really impressed. Thanks for all your help. I'm hoping that this Blaster will really cut down on the time I have to spend on my beach every year. So far It looks like it will. ----------------------------------------- Peter of Wisconsin sent this email "The product performed as advertised. I can’t say enough about it. I’m a skeptic but I was also desperate to clean the weeds from my shoreline. This product has prevented me from selling my property! I used the blaster as you recommended. I have it mounted on my pier about 24 feet out from my shoreline, blowing in almost parallel to the pier (about 5 degrees off). Our shore has a sea wall, so the current hits the wall and “T’s” out, dispersing debris in either direction. We have a real problem in our part of the lake as all debris flows into a cove where my home, as well as 2 others sit. It clears weeds at least 30-40 feet on either side of the impact point of the current.  It also seems to have curtailed growth of new weeds along the path of the current in, as well as out to either side a bit. I only go to the property every other weekend and I run the machine  12+ hrs a day while I’m there. It clears accumulated debris from my shoreline within 20 minutes of being turned on. I anticipate buying another one in the spring for the other side of my pier." ----------------------------------------- Carol of Ohio told us I had come to the conclusion that I just couldnt keep up with the maintenance of my shoreline. I spent hours and hours frustrated. (argh!) Now, each morning, I look out to see if there is a layer or cut weeds, green scum or just junk that falls from the trees. If there is some present, I simply turn it on and within about 10 minutes, my entire swim area is totally clean! Weeds that are floating along the shore are gone! Where does it all go? In my case, I push it to one spot where it all piles up so that I can easily scoop it out in one shot (I have a couple of cement blocks along the shore that stops it from going on to my neighbors). Now when I am on my shore, I am enjoying it rather than dreading it. ----------------------------------------- John of Michigan writes: The Blaster has the power to move not just muck but also sand from the bottom. The key is the height that you set it to. If I am pointing it toward the "clean" side of the beach is, I set it higher so that it does not "dig out" the sand right in front of it. This still creates a current that picks up and takes away the silt and leaves -- particularly if it is working in conjunction with the BeachGroomer. When I first started with it I was pretty aggressive in setting close to the bottom even on this side. It did "dig out" the sand, but did not move it that far. It was easy to rake it back in place using a heavy rake. The main thing I am careful of here is when cleaning under my dock where I have to point the blaster toward the "bad area" I just make sure not to set it too low so that I don't blow sand off the bottom into the "bad area". If it doesn't seem to be clearing everything out because it is set too high, then I just take a rake and disturb the area around the Blaster to raise up the goo and then the Blaster takes it away. On a related note, on my beach I only really lose sand very close to shore. On my lake the prevailing wind moves the sand from right to left as you look at the shore from the water. The sand never moves significantly in the other direction. I move the Blaster all over the place from deep to shallow depending on what I am working on. I find that for the "clean" area having the Blaster on the end of the dock works best. I can cover the whole beach by just rotating it. It has better cleaning power and longer reach when pointed in towards shore because the shallowness creates a stronger, bigger current that cleans an area that is much bigger than the "direct stream" of the blaster. But it still does great when I point it straight across or "out to sea". For the "bad area", I am moving it up and down the dock and have even clamped it to my Boatlift rail to get it closer to the action. In these areas I put it pretty close to the bottom and let it blast away. Right now what is left behind is a sand bottom with the heavy weeds still in place and some soft spots. My next step will be to cut the weeds and then get the BeachGroomer in these areas to "finish the job". When I do this I will point the blaster at the groomer in the direction away from my "clean area" to prevent the silt from drifting over to the clean area. ---------------------------------------------

Got more questions? Just email us info@WeedersDigest.com or call us 763-551-1441

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