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Aquatic Vegetation Groomer FAQ
Cattail Cutter Lily Pad Cutter - gas powered!


What Comes with the Aquatic Groomer?

When you purchase a hand held Aquatic Vegetation Groomer of your own, you can enjoy reciprocating cutting blades that are strong and sharp so that cutting is done quickly and effortlessly. The gear box is sealed so that accidents will not happen when the groomer is in use. Be able to use the groomer in up to four feet of water depth.  The motor is a 24 cc, 2 cycle engined motor that uses an oil/gas mixture. This engine can easily cut through thicker vegetation in water – even if they are firmly rooted to the bottom.

How it Works

Instead of moving in a circular motion – like most common weed wackers on the market, the AVG is two blades that move back and forth to create a powerful cutting action. Since you're cutting under water, having the blades go in a circular fashion would act like a propeller to the water and push the plants away from the blade and not towards them. Cut each and every plant in the lake from the bottom of the plant effortlessly. The blades are strong and durable – However, if you need extra blades they are available.

Choose From Two Ways

You have the option of using the AVG in the hand held position which allows you to clear smaller aquatic plants out of water that is up to 4 inches in height. If the area that needs to be cleared is much larger, using the shoulder strap is recommended. The groomer does only weigh 19 pounds, but wearing the shoulder strap in larger to weed out areas can make it simpler.


Weed Cutter - AVG

If you want to clear out larger bodies of water easy using a floating mini-pontoon then this can be attached and it allows you to clear the areas efficiently without much effort on your behalf. This also works when the depth of the water is deeper than what is recommended to clear out. Add on a painters pole to the end of the groomer for easy steering while on the floating pontoon attachment.

We are confident about the AVG that we provide a 2 year warranty on it in case anything happens after you purchase the product. However, everyone that has purchased this item is satisfied with the outcome and says that it makes clearing out weeds and other vegetation much more easier. CLICK HERE for unsolicited testimonials from AVG customers

This is the basic unit without the floats. The 9 inch cutter head appears small but because it cuts with so little effort in all directions you can easily cut faster than anyone can keep up with a rake. The cutting action is like a scissors or reciprocator so its not throwing debris nor do the weeds get wrapped or tangled as they would with a circular motion. The AVG power tool is attached or removed for hand held water or land use very quickly with just one pin.
Below:  Using it as a walk behind
 Using the AVG with the an extension handle as long as you would like to add


Cuts cattails with ease. (Fall is the best time to cut cattails) 


A long handle allows you to cut lily pads without stepping into the pond






Frequently Asked Questions

How close to the bottom can I cut? When on the floats, the dpeth of the cut is about 3.5 feet depending on how you adjust it. When used off the floats, you actually can cut the weeds below the silt, sand and muck surface.  

Isn't it just a regular yard tool? No, this tool has been specialy designed and developed in order to work as an underwater vegetation grooming tool complete with mounting apparatus for the float system. Ordinary lawn and yard tools are not engineered for underwater use nor is it practical to be used in that manner.  For example, a weed whip or brush cutter that spins will only wrap up and become a snarled mess. A brush cutter would not work due to the spinning action and the danger. Golf courses love this tool fro shaping sand traps and ponds. What other tool could you put in the sand, under the water, in the muck, around the garden and even trim and shape a shrub. This does it all. (Of course the gas motor is not to be submerged.)

Isn't the cutting head too small to do a large area? One of our customers answered it this way: "At first I thought that the cutter would be too small for cutting a typical shoreline but now I find that the AVG is more than adaquete and the proof is in the fact that I can cut faster than 2 people can rake behind me."    The AVG would not be capable of doing acres of weeds but you would be amazed how much you can cut in a very short time.

Can I use this as a conventional lawn weed trimmer? Yes. This is designed to be used in and out of the water. In fact it is much safer that a weed whip which throws clippings and even rocks out as it spins. The AVG powerhead does not spin; it cuts so nothing is thrown from the powerhead. You can be cutting in the deep water and then come into shore, remove it from the floats by simply pulling one pin and work in the yard. There are no other adjustments to be made to go from water to land. It has even been used to shape tall shrubs 10 feet up!

So it really cuts emergent vegetation such as cattails, bull rushes, wild rice and lily pads? Yes. With very little effort.

Is it possible to buy the cutter without the floats?

Yes. The motor mounting hardware is part of the floats and is not part of the cutting component. The float kit can be added at anytime in the future.

Is this legal?

Our standard answer to this question is "check with your local authorities".  However, it is NOT considered to be "automated" or "unattended".which typically is the determining factor of whether it is acceptable or not. We do not anticipate it to be an issue. (Keep in mind that some states do not allow cutting of certain types of vegetation.)

We respect the laws and ordinances and suggest that you do to. Cattails are oftentimes a very good thing to have in a lake or pond - especially along the edges. However cattails that become out of control may need to be managed. 

A little known fact (even by authorities in land management) is that there is a invasive form of cattails called Narrow Leaf Cattail. This is a prolific hog of most any body of water when it gets a foothold. The problem is that many well meaning people think they are doing the environment a favor in protecting this because they incorrectly think that this is also a "good" plant. In fact it is NOT. This is a serious situation that should be addressed by those that protect and enforce our water and wetlands but they are unaware of the difference between a good and a bad cattail.

Sounds too good to be true!

Yes it does. So if you are local to Minnesota, stop by for a demo! or call 763-551-1441 or email for more info info@WeedersDigest.com   

Also be certain to check back as we add more info such as testimonials.


CLICK HERE for unsolicited testimonials from AVG customers

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